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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hornets Offense Captures Moments At Homecoming as Morgan State Continues to have Nightmares about DSU's Homecoming

As Hornets broadcaster Scott Klatzkin would asked during the Hornets 35-22 victory, "Where have the Hornets offense been at all season?" I was wondering the same question because for the last month and a half, the Hornets offense hasn't show up scoring only 12 points a game. To add insult to injury the Hornets hasn't scored a touchdown in the last eight quarters entering the game. Yesterday at homecoming it was a whole different ball game when the Hornets scored 35 points against the #1 ranked defense in the MEAC conference Morgan State.

When the the first quarter ended and the Hornets were down 5-0, I was going to say myself, "Oh no, here we go again." In the second quarter, the Hornets offense explode with 21 points with Anthony Glaud's two touchdown passes and Jaashawn Jones running game that kept the hornet drive to resulted in touchdowns including one for himself.

Speaking of Anthony Glaud, i was glad to see him back in uniform after suffering a concussion injury two weeks ago at the hands of Bethune-Cookman. However Glaud did went rusty in the first half throwing two interceptions, getting knockdown, sacked, and throwing passes that went a little out of sync. At the end of the day he kept his poise and completed 16 passes to seven different receivers.

Also the running game has wakened up from it's slumber when the Hornets ran the ball 37 times for 160 yards. Jaashawn Jones had 17 carries for 107 yards and a four yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

My best capturing moment is when Anthony Glaud threw a 30 yard pass to Donnell Dixon where Dixon had all day to get free see the ball and catch it for six points. Plus the offense kept marching down the field and into the red zone to score touchdowns.

Also I can't forgot the Hornets defense that helped out the offense and they deserved a much needed rest after turning defense into offense including scoring a interception for a touchdown thanks to Avery Grant.

Morgan State continues to struggle against DSU at Homecoming Games and the nightmares will continue for years to come.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Morgan State Still Has Nightmares from 2007

It's homecoming 2009 and yes I am a Delaware State Hornet Alumni. On October 24, the game will be very different when the Hornets play Morgan State. Morgan State are tied with South Carolina State for 1st place in the MEAC standings.

This will the Homecoming rematch from 2007 when the Hornets won on a game winning 99 yard fumble return for a touchdown by Akeem Green. Everybody remembers the 3:30pm game back in October 2007 when Morgan State almost had the game in the bag to dashed our homecoming dreams.

With nine minutes left in the fourth quarter and the bears up 17-16, Morgan State running back Courtney Anderson dives forwards to the goal line. Touchdown for Morgan State right, wrong!!! The ball was fumbled in the endzone and Akeem Green was the only hornet who knew that the play was not over. He picked up the fumble and ran 100 yards to the endzone that got Hornet fans gone crazy & excited while Morgan State were whining and crying that Anderson scored a touchdown.

There were no instant replays in the MEAC Conference and the referees confirm it was a touchdown and DSU went on to win the game 25-17.

Several days later the MEAC Conference refs admitted that the call should be change into a touchdown and not a fumble. As a result the MEAC suspended the referees and the Hornets went on to finished the season as MEAC Champions.

This year 2009, different. Morgan State has destiny on their side and since it is a raining day this should be the Bears advantage to win just like last years homecoming at Morgan State when they defeated the Hornets 20-3.

Anything can happen at DSU's homecoming remember the last time the Hornets lost a Homecoming game was 2004 when South Carolina State beat the Hornets 27-14. Morgan State ran into a problem with the Hornets at homecoming when the Hornets won at home in 2005 and their homecoming in 2006.

This is a special time for the Hornets because they are 8-2 at homecoming against Morgan State and 29-11 overall against opponents.

I hope the Hornets doesn't disappoint the fans when kickoff comes because if they lose at homecoming, you will hear a whole lot of frustrated Hornets fans.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Delaware State are No Strangers to the state of Michigan

Before the Hornets take the field against the University of Michigan, little do every sports fan know that the Delaware State Hornets' football team are no strangers to the Great Lake state of Michigan.

Let's give them a little history lesson shall we?

September 2, 2006 the Hornets took over Labor Day weekend with a 34-14 win over Florida A&M in the Detroit City Football Classic. A lot of people in Detroit didn't know who Delaware State University was. Guess what? The hornets let the people in Detroit know who the Hornets was by making their mark in Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. Two defensive touchdowns to start the game thanks to Stephon Hopkins and Russell "The Hitman" Reeves, then the offensive running game prove to be effective as Emmanuel March rushed for 134 yards and a touchdown while quarter back Vashon ran for a 11 yard scored to secured the win.

Hornets head coach AL Lavan coached at Eastern Michigan from 2002-2003. During his one year tenure, he was a running backs coach and a interim head coach where he won two of his three games he coached.

Offensive Coordinator Doug Sams was head coach of Northern Michigan from 2002-2005.

The hornets have some Michigan experience but they will in a dog fight with the Wolverines who are 4-2 and looking to forget the upset of what happen to Division I-AA opponent Application State back when they beat Michigan in September 2007.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Defense Very Well but Bad Offense Dooms The Hornets

The running game managed just 71 yards on the ground as the Hornets struggling offense continues.

This was a game that Hornets would've won the game. Instead the Hornets let the winless Bethune-Cookman hang around all game long in a disappointed, low scoring 9-7 loss.

This was a game that the Hornets should have no problem against a Wildcat team whose defense was not even impressive. Instead the Hornets shot themselves in the foot and let Bethune Cookman get chances to win the game.

First let's start with the defense. They did a very good job stalling drives, make the Wildcats offense to make terrible penalties, and pressuring Wildcat quarterback Maurice Francois all night long. Once again they give up a chunk of yards with 350yards and a few big plays down the stretch, plus the defense was on the field for over 40 minutes.

The Hornets can't rely their defense all the time to bail them out because the defense needs to rest and recharge for the next series. When you have that stayed in the ball game for 40 minutes something tells me that the defense will get tired if the offense doesn't help the defense out.

Speaking of the offense, the offense put on a terrible performance with only nine first downs the entire game (two in the second half). Also Anthony Glaud was injured late in the first quarter and didn't return. Before the injury, Glaud was overthrowing passes and the wide receivers are not getting their best routes to make catches.

The running game got abandoned most of the game where they only ran for 71 yards plus during the final 2:00 of the fourth quarter freshman quarterback Nick Elko made some great passes but the wide receivers couldn't catch the ball and then he overthrew the ball for a interception.

I don't know who the blame the lost on, the offense, the play calling, the offensive coaches, coach Al Lavan, or Riley Flickinger who miss two field goals.

Now the Hornets will have to face a very tough Michigan team this week on T.V. called The Big Ten Network before going back home against Morgan State for Homecoming. This is not a good October to start for the Hornets.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Keys To the Game for a Hornets Victory

The Hornets will host the Bethune Cookman Wildcats in their home opener under the lights. As the Hornets football team prepares to get their second conference win here are the keys to the game.

-On offense, the Hornets were able to finished drives with touchdowns especially when they get into the opponents territory. If they continue that trend then the Hornets will be successful. Also expect Tahree McQueen to be having a very good running game and Anthony Glaud and his receivers are doing okay but still need work on the deep throws and dropped passes.

-On defense, the Hornets are only have only opponents under 20 points a game this season forcing turnover and making big plays to stall drives. Apply pressure and pressure all game because Bethune Cookman's offensive game is very fast with speed to burn. The problem is that the defense has given up a chunk of yards against their opponents and making penalties.

-On special teams, the kicking game has got be sharp especially Riley Flickinger. He must connect on flied goals, extra points, and kicking off the football inbounds instead of out-of-bounds. The return team must give the offense a chance to gain good field position.