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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Snowstorm Game: Delaware State vs Hampton 2: The Sequal

Who would have thought we will have another snow storm in the Hornets nest against the same team. Well it happen again yesterday during the Hornets game vs Hampton University.

Even though the state of Delaware was piled with another storm storm, the second in two months, it didn't stop Hornets fans from attending a rivalry game that lasted for a very long time.

On the ladies side the lady hornets fell into a early hole they couldn't get out off by making only five field goals of their 23 shots in the first half. The shots the lady hornets took were as cold as the snow and ice outside the gym.

Even though they improve their offense in the second half, the game was over from the start as the lady hornet lost to the lady pirates 62-43.

Its already been a tough season for the lady hornets who are playing with injuries, bad offense, and what's worse they even have a good starting five throughout the season. I hope the lady hornets get it together all month in February or else they finishing in last place in the MEAC Conference standings.
On the men's side it was very exciting to watch. Almost similar to January 2005 when the game went down to the wire.

This time the game didn't go to overtime as the Hornets escape Hampton with defense, offensive rebounds, and clutch free throws to secure the win.

DSU Die Hards, Hornet fans, some Hampton fans, the Approaching Storm Marching Band, and the cheerleaders were ready for this exciting contest.

During the first half, Hampton was make shots left and right and the Hornets were forced to play catch up as the Hornets were down 33-29 at halftime.

During halftime, it was a reunion of Hornets basketball players of the past as they honor for their help and support throughout the years. Also when Troy Roundtree was named the whole was in a standing ovation.

Everyone knows about Troy Roundtree's performance on and off the court plus being a MEAC Champion during his Hornets years from 2004-2007. ROundtree was being honored of his by his mentor and gave him a ball to help his inspiration as he begins his rehab very soon. Get well soon Troy.

In the second half, the Hornets cached up and the game went backed and forth as the crowd was alive and kicking as the Hornets make clutch shots when they needed the most including grabbing 20 offensive rebounds. But with two minutes left in the game both teams had chances to take the lead or expand. However it was the Hornets who wanted more than the Pirates.

Also Jay Threatt was everywhere making plays when it counted the most putting Rajon Rondo like numbers with six assists, five steals, four rebounds, and two points.

Marcus Neal was the hero of the game by hitting the game winning shot with 24 seconds left. With 15 seconds left the pirates had a chance to take the lead but they couldn't get the shot in the basket as Terron "big baby" Stowe grabbed the rebound and hit one of his two free throws with three seconds left.

Hampton had one last chance but Jay Threatt steals the ball as time runs out.

This time we didn't storm the court but we enjoy the win when it counted the most as DSU continued to try get up in the standings with Morgan State.

Also it was a emotional win for Troy Roundtree who stay to see the Hornets win the game against the same team he play with back in January 2005.

Hornets offense better get it together on Monday and better not take Howard likely because Howard is 5-3 in conference entering Monday.