Friday, October 23, 2009

Morgan State Still Has Nightmares from 2007

It's homecoming 2009 and yes I am a Delaware State Hornet Alumni. On October 24, the game will be very different when the Hornets play Morgan State. Morgan State are tied with South Carolina State for 1st place in the MEAC standings.

This will the Homecoming rematch from 2007 when the Hornets won on a game winning 99 yard fumble return for a touchdown by Akeem Green. Everybody remembers the 3:30pm game back in October 2007 when Morgan State almost had the game in the bag to dashed our homecoming dreams.

With nine minutes left in the fourth quarter and the bears up 17-16, Morgan State running back Courtney Anderson dives forwards to the goal line. Touchdown for Morgan State right, wrong!!! The ball was fumbled in the endzone and Akeem Green was the only hornet who knew that the play was not over. He picked up the fumble and ran 100 yards to the endzone that got Hornet fans gone crazy & excited while Morgan State were whining and crying that Anderson scored a touchdown.

There were no instant replays in the MEAC Conference and the referees confirm it was a touchdown and DSU went on to win the game 25-17.

Several days later the MEAC Conference refs admitted that the call should be change into a touchdown and not a fumble. As a result the MEAC suspended the referees and the Hornets went on to finished the season as MEAC Champions.

This year 2009, different. Morgan State has destiny on their side and since it is a raining day this should be the Bears advantage to win just like last years homecoming at Morgan State when they defeated the Hornets 20-3.

Anything can happen at DSU's homecoming remember the last time the Hornets lost a Homecoming game was 2004 when South Carolina State beat the Hornets 27-14. Morgan State ran into a problem with the Hornets at homecoming when the Hornets won at home in 2005 and their homecoming in 2006.

This is a special time for the Hornets because they are 8-2 at homecoming against Morgan State and 29-11 overall against opponents.

I hope the Hornets doesn't disappoint the fans when kickoff comes because if they lose at homecoming, you will hear a whole lot of frustrated Hornets fans.