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Friday, March 5, 2010

Lady Hornets Played With Heart in a Losing Effort

I give the lady hornets credit, they fought hard all night versus the University of Maryland of Eastern Shore.

During the lady hornets 58-55 heartbreaking lost on Senior Night the lady hornets we're falling behind all game until early in the second half when the lady hornets took a 10 point lead.

Lets think about it, throughout most of the season the lady hornets were falling behind early but manges to rallied, take the lead, and struggle to get back rhythm.

The lady hornets showed heart all game long, with defense, making some good shots and free throws.

The only thing that doomed the Lady Hornets was the Hawks defense and the let down of the second half by not scoring some good buckets when it matters and letting UMES getting to the free throw line.

Selena Galloway and the Lady Hornets wanted to win so badly because if the lady hornets won the game, they would have gained a lot of momentum for the first round of the MEAC Tournament.

The second half started with the lady hornets scored 15 straight point resulting a 22-1 run. In the final 12 mminutes, the lady hornets were in a six mintue drought until the final four mintues of the game when they had one final push before running out of time.

I feel the lady hornets pain all season with all the injuries and a very struggling offense the lady hornets had always send all their MEAC oppentents the same message: "We show heart and never quit."

That attitude will helped the lady hornets heading into Tuesday's MEAC Tournament win or lose and that's the bottom line.

The Battle of School Spirit: Delaware State University vs University of Maryland Eastern Shore

It was the last home game of the season and what a great way to end a winning season than to have the Delaware State Hornets play against another MEAC rival the University of Maryland Eastern-Shore.

This was more than just a game in the Hornets Nest, it was all who had the most school pride to help guide their team to victory.

I arrived at the lady hornets game first and I saw a long line of Hawks fans trying to get tickets to the game and I'm like when will the Hornet fans will show up?

I kept forgetting the DSU students had classes, rehearsals, jobs, and homework.

None the less I was enjoying the ladies game for a while until UMES fans starting to make a lot of noise and the UMES cheerleaders and dancers got into the act as well throughout most of the ladies game.

I wasn't going to sit there and let UMES take over the Hornets house so I begin standing up and give UMES an earful to get their attention. Quickly the battle had started.

During the first eight minutes of the second half the Lady Hornets had a double digit lead before UMES called timeout. I yelled at UMES fans yelling, "Why yall so quiet?!!!"

After the UMES time out, the lady Hawks chipped away the lady hornets lead and bringing the Hawks crowd back into game for the final 12 minutes of the second half.

As time went down on the Lady Hornets senior night, Hornet fans were slowly coming in filling in the seats to see if the lady hornets rally one more time. All of a sudden I became horsed so I decided to relax for the rest of the second half with the DSU Die Hards.

When the men's game started the atmosphere was loud, rockin', crunk, and down right crazy as fans from both schools duke it out for supremacy.

When UMES did a little chant "We're going make some noise," me and other Hornet fans repeat the same chant they did everytime the Hornets had the basketball. Hawk fans didn't like it one bit so they bring their flyswatters waving them in the air. Luckly for us Hornets fans we took one their flyswatters and threw it in the garbage.

There was more were that came as the war of words escalates in a heated battle.

During one the media time outs of the men's game the UMES Cheerleaders came on to mid-court to do a cheer but Hornets fans was booing so loud you can barley hear what the Hawks cheerleaders was saying.

Hawks fans up the ante by remixing the DSU I thought you knew what chant with UMES but DSU fans countered it very quick with our own DSU chant.

Don't get me wrong but almost most of the fans didn't pay attention to the game or the scoreboard for that matter.

All night long Hornets fans were all over UMES when we chanted "You Suck!!!"

When the second half started, the crowd intensify but soon the Hornet fans took over for the remainder of the game. I was trying to figure out what joke or chant the other Hornet fans were saying to the UMES male Cheerleader. Whatever the joke was the crowd got a big laugh and pointed him out like he got embarrassed on Showtime at the Appollo.

The Hornets fans were greeted to a treat when DSU's Roy from The Approaching Storm Marching Band took his pep band uniform off and show his cheerleading outfit and did conservative jump spits that got the crowd jumpin and loud.

As always we wrap up the night with the Get Up Crackhead song by the band that had the whole gym rockin as the Hornet crowd party the rest of the game and after the game as well as UMES fans sat quietly with nothing else to say.

This was the most fun game since the DSU/Morgan State game back on February 17 and the DSU/University of Delaware game back on December 1.

I'm glad over 1,400 fans had a great time battling against Hawks fans and hopefully next year DSU will bring more fun to the basketball games at a whole different level.

Hornets Defense Held UMES In Check

Thursday night was momentum time for the Delaware State Hornets men's basketball team, and a great way to build momentum is during Senior Night at Memorial Hall versus the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

During the Hornets 57-37 victory, the Hornets offense were making shots left and right shooting 52% from the field. At the same time, the Hornets defense made sure the Hawks can only get to the free throw line one time and forcing them to committed 11 first half turnovers. The Hornets defense made six steals in the first half to make UMES night problematic.

In the second half, the Hornets took their defense to a whole new level by blocking shots, stealing the ball nine times, and forcing the UMES to committed 11 more turnovers, shoot 40% from the field with one assist and poor free throw shooting.

This was the fewest points the Hornets had ever let their opponent score this season.

Plus defense lead to good offense as the Hornets dominated points off of turnovers with 22 points of the teams 57 points.

Even though the Hawks had the crowd hype up most the game, UMES couldn't help themselves as the Hornets outscored UMES 15-1 in the final 3:11 to win the game thanks to some key free throws down the stretch.

Now that the Hornets secured the number two seed, lets see if the Hornet men can do a better job in this year's MEAC Tournament compared to last year.