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Friday, October 9, 2009

Keys To the Game for a Hornets Victory

The Hornets will host the Bethune Cookman Wildcats in their home opener under the lights. As the Hornets football team prepares to get their second conference win here are the keys to the game.

-On offense, the Hornets were able to finished drives with touchdowns especially when they get into the opponents territory. If they continue that trend then the Hornets will be successful. Also expect Tahree McQueen to be having a very good running game and Anthony Glaud and his receivers are doing okay but still need work on the deep throws and dropped passes.

-On defense, the Hornets are only have only opponents under 20 points a game this season forcing turnover and making big plays to stall drives. Apply pressure and pressure all game because Bethune Cookman's offensive game is very fast with speed to burn. The problem is that the defense has given up a chunk of yards against their opponents and making penalties.

-On special teams, the kicking game has got be sharp especially Riley Flickinger. He must connect on flied goals, extra points, and kicking off the football inbounds instead of out-of-bounds. The return team must give the offense a chance to gain good field position.