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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Hit That Will Be Talk About

Even though the Hornets lost the Route 1 rivalry vs the University of Delaware back on Saturday on the NBC Sports Network, the Hornets wanted to send a message to the Blue Hens that will make them something to remember by.

Back in the 2nd quarter, the Blue Hens was in DSU territory when the Hornets' Davon Morre put a "hit stick" on UD's wide receiver Rob Jones. I know me and other Hornet fans that were watching this was like, "Whoa he hit him in the mustache uh-oh!!!!"

To me and other Hornet fans that was a clean hit, but the refrees and UD fans see it other wise as Morre was flagged for unnecessary roughness.

After that penalty, UD took serveal more plays to scored another touchdown to take a 28-7 lead.

Some of the Blue Hen fans says that DSU is a dirty team after that hit. Dirty team? Don't make me laugh. The officials made a bailout call to have UD give time to have an extra set of downs. I mean come on how you can tackle player, play touch/flag football.

I know safety is the main issue for football players but some times you will get beaten, battered, and bruised. That's the way a football game goes and besides what a better way to play defense? Hmmm answer that question.

That Moore hit reminds me of other linebackers that can make opponents in the mustache  like Russell "the hitman" Reeves, Jamal Trout, and Kelly "Spade" Rouse to name a few.

With that hit that Devon made, DSU made their message loud and clear that DSU are not pushovers and will play you tough and will be here to stay for the Route 1 Rivalry whether if its a one side affair or not.