Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hornets Summer Wrap-Up 2K10

It was a quiet off season for Delaware state hornets athletics. There were some new recruiting regarding Equestrian, Soccer, and Volleyball. We have Hornets athletes that have honored by the MEAC and of course football, football, football.

Lets begin with Lady Hornets Equestrian, they were the main story of the summer since Delaware State decided to cut Equestrian last year. According to the July 28 article of The News Journal, after cutting the sport in January, DSU pledged to honor the scholarships of the affected athletes. 15 of the 20 women (including lead plaintiff Caroline Foltz of Dover, Delaware) decided to sue to save the team. The university later agreed to fund equestrian for one more season this coming academic year. Experts says that it will be its last is becoming more unlikely since the school is letting the sport Equestrian stay for one more year.

Now Delaware State is faced with not only budject problems for women sports, but Title IX violations. The University wanted to add competitive cheerleading but the court wouldn't allowed it.

Here is the main problem, Delaware State University female population is 60% but the female athletes are only 44% while the male athletes are 56%. That's a big deference. Can Delaware State University find a way add more women's sports to recruit more females to play sports and cut equestrian without any budject problems? This story between Delaware State University and the Equestrian team is far from over.
Meanwhile back on June 14 the Lady Hornets equestrian team had recruited six new riders (three English and three to compete for the Western squad): Taylor Scuse, Victoria Keen, Brittany Good, Erin Engard, Brooke Mazjuin, and Lauren Voss. These riders are highly skilled and proved to be a great asset to the Lady Hornets equestrian team.
Also there was more recruitment in Lady Hornets Volleyball. On June 21, Hornets recruited three new freshmen for the 2010 volleyball season: Middle blocker Brooke Redmon, Sonya Inderbitzen, and Jessica Brocher. These ladies has great skills and have what it takes to help the Lady Hornets Volleyball to another winning season.
Finally, the Lady hornets soccer team has recruited seven new soccer players from high school: Alexandra Broksy, Kathryn Marie Melore, Elizabeth Olivier, Darcy & Kelly Pelz Butler, and Kaitlyn Schech. These players will provide dept, skill, and knowledge to help the hornets win some good games this season.
Football season is about to start and the MEAC is expecting the Hornets to finish 7th in the MEAC. The Hornets are a pretty young team this year and might finished with six or seven wins this year. I will explain later on my next blog.

So without further let the 2010-2011 Delaware State Hornets sports season begin. HORNETS!!!