Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady Hornets Equestrian Season Wrap-Up

Its been a up and down season for the Delaware State Lady Hornets equestrian team. At the beginning of season, the lady hornets were ready for another great season of competition plus they signing their best recruit.

During the first three months of the season the Lady Hornets fought hard against great equestrian teams like South Dakota State, Texas Christian, Delaware, Auburn, Tennessee-Martin, Kansas State, and Baylor.

When January came, everything changed from good to bad to worst. Athletic Director Derek Bell and the university announced to drop men's tennis and equestrian due to budget problems.

That announcement didn't sit well with entire lady hornets equestrian team so they took immediate action by staging a protest that in from of the administrative building. Also the equestrian team was also taking DSU to court for violation Title IX.

Even though the lady hornets fought hard to keep the sport they love, they also had other competition to deal like Texas A&M, Georgia, South Carolina, New Mexico State, and Scared Heart.

After all the court room drama and the previous news stories from Delaware news medias were taking place, Lady hornets equestrian will stay for one more year.

Since next year will be their last year of equestrian, the lady hornets will show the Delaware State Athletic department that equestrian will be a competitive team no matter budget crisis they are in.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Young Hornets Shows Improvement During the Spring Game

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to go to Hornets Spring Game scrimmage. But when I read the article from The News Journal about the spring game, the Hornets were finding signs of good progress.

It all starts with Hornets quarterback Anthony Glaud. Glaud was finding his receivers left, right, and the middle of the field were he went four-for-four on a 80yard scoring drive.

Then, it was on to the defense when last year the Hornets keep giving opponents big plays. during the spring game, the defense made two interceptions. One by Chris Johnson and other by Terell Talbert who return that pick for a touchdown.

A lot of backups and starters are filling the right notes, as they expected from a young team, to bring big accomplishments this season.

I still think the Hornets have a long way to go. Even though spring practice is over there is summer practice to deal with before the regular season begins.

Overall I just hope the Hornets continue to build that momentum come summer camps and September.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lady Hornets Bowling Season Wrap-Up

The 2009-2010 Lady Hornets bowling had a great year and picking up where they left off from last season. With their new coach Ricki Williams-Ellison and the a great roster, the lady hornets finished their season with a record of 98-36.

Delaware State were bowling for strikes, spares, 7/10 splits, and no gutter balls to become MEAC regular season champions.

Delaware State were playing tough opponents such as University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Arkansas State, New Jersey City, Kutztown, and other top bowling teams in the nation.

In the MEAC Tournament, the lady hornets were the number one seed but it wasn't easy to say the least especially in the championship round versus UMES. UMES forces Delaware State to a winner take sudden death elimination game. The Lady Hornets prevail and went on to become the two time MEAC tournament champions.

In the NCAA Tournament, the lady hornets wanted to get to the NCAA Championship and become National Champions. However, it was short stay as the lady hornets as they lost in a double elimination game against number three seed Vanderbilt and number two seed Arkansas State.

The Lady Hornets proved to the MEAC Conference that even though with a new coach and new squad they are here to compete winning bowling games and Baker matches. Come next year the lady hornets bowling team will be stronger than ever.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pretty Good March For Lady Hornets Softball

It was a good March for the Delaware State Lady Hornets softball. Through 18 games in the month of March the Lady Hornets head into April with a 10-8 record batting .304 and averaging 5.7 runs per game.

The Lady Hornets can find ways to score with their baserunning and putting the ball in play but their pitching needs improvement.

The Lady Hornets pitching ERA is 11.85. Yikes!!! I'm pretty sure their starting pitching can do a lot better espcially in April and May. Already through April 6 the Lady Hornets were swept at the hands of Howard Univeristy.

Can the Lady Hornets continue their winning way or will they will end up in a long slump?

A Difficult March for Hornets Baseball

For a minute I thought the Hornets baseball will have a great start to the 2010season. Instead the Hornets were on the outside looking in.

During their 14 game stretch non-conference schedule in March, the Hornets finished the month with a 1-13 record with bad offense batting .219 and averaging only 3.4 runs a game. The reason why the numbers was so low is because the Hornets were falling behind early in a big hole and couldn't get out of a jam.

Its not just the offense its also their pitching performance as well. Their ERA is disappointing 13.77. The Hornets have to do a better with their pitching command if they wanted to win a lot a ball games and dethrone Bethune-Cookman.

April looks bright for the Hornets with good home game. Through April 6 the Hornets took two of three from University of Maryland Eastern Shore on the road.

Now the Hornets are looking to proved to the MEAC Conference they can be a good contender when they play Towson (two times), Coppin State (three times), University of Delaware, Florida A&M (three times), Georgetown, and Norfolk State (three times).

Lets see if coach J.P. Blandin can find a different strategy to find ways to score and get their pitching performance in order.