Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hornets Put On Their Best Performance Since Homecoming

Well, well it's the last home game of the season and the Delaware State Hornets football team had put up one of their best performances they had all season. In fact its their best performance since Homecoming.

Everything was put into place during Senior Day in the Hornets 30-20 home victory over Howard. Its only the second time the Hornets put up 30 or more points all season.

Offense and defense was the name of the game as Hornet fans were in for a treat they will never forget and a lot to talk about during the off-season.

Let start with the defense:
The Hornets made some great tackles to prevent the Bison from gaining big plays especially their running game when the Hornets held Howard for 29 yards on the ground and 187 yards of total offense. The Hornets made the big hits when it counts accept for a few defensive penalties that should be called back but overall the defense had a remarkable game.

Now on to the offense:
Every Hornet fan expects the Hornets to score more at least 30 points against a Howard team who hasn't won a MEAC game since last year. Well guess what the Hornets offense came in a big way by gaining 450 of total offense. The reason behind the 450 yards of offense was their passing game and their running game. Anthony Glaud put on his best games all season when completed 23 of his 31 passes for 315 yards.

Plus his wide receivers step up for the second straight game. Darius Jackson (11 catches, 123 yards) and Larrone Moore (five catches, 101 yards) each had over 100 yards catching, a personal best and career highs. Also Al Lavan's favorite play calling the running game was a complete success when Jaashawn Jones went 31 carries, 130 yards and two touchdowns. Plus once again they finished drives with two touchdowns and three field goals. Also the Hornets had more time of possession than Howard has the hornets offense kept the ball for over 38 minutes.

I was wondering why couldn't Hornets do that all season? Maybe they would've been a six win or seven win team. I just hoped next year the Hornets offensive playing will improve big time.