Sunday, October 3, 2010

Missed Chances in the Red Zone and a Bad 4th Quarter Doomed the Hornets Again

On a rainy Thursday night, the Delaware State Hornets football team didn't let rain affect their quest to get their 1st win of the year. Then again, game changers cost the Hornets to be winless again that frustrates Hornets fans everywhere from the almost 100 fans that brave the rain to all the viewers staying dry watching the game on ESPNU.

During the Hornets 20-14 lost to Hampton, had some golden opportunities to scored in the red zone but instead the Hornets end up with no points.

In the 1st quarter, Delaware State had two chances to score in the red zone. On their first visit to the red zone, Delaware State started their opening drive from the Hampton 17 yard line after a Travis Tarplay's 65 yard kickoff return. The Hornets went 8 plays and 14 yards only to be turned over on downs at the Hampton 3 yard line. That should've been 6 points.

Also in the same quarter, the Hornets went on a 12 play 56 yard drive only to have running back Jaashawn Jones fumbled the ball at the Hampton 11 yard line. Once again that should've been another 6 points.

In the second quarter, the Hornets were marching down the field once again with a 8 play, 56 yard drive only to have it turned over on downs again at the Hampton 15. Frustrating enough another 6 points that should've been scored.

Finally during the fourth quarter, the Hornets had the ball at the Hampton 12 yard line after recovering a Hampton fumble. Instead they went 4 plays -8 yards on that drive and yes the Hornets turned it over on downs at the Hampton 20. That could've been another 6 points scored.

Not only did the hornets had problems scoring in the red zone, but they are having problem in the fourth quarter.

After taking a 7-6 lead early in the 4th quarter on a trick play by Darrius Jackson in the red zone, the Hornets defense allowed Hampton to scored 14 straight points and out gained the Hornets 168-56.

Also the Hornets offense continued to struggle with Anthony Glaud over throwing short passes and bad passes are allowing the Hornets receivers to drop passes, and lack gaining yards on the ground.

Sure the Hornets scored late again with 23 seconds left thanks to backup quarterback Nick Elko's final touchdown drive, but it didn't save the hornets to win the fourth quarter once again.

In the fourth quarter, the Hornets are having trouble finishing the game yet again. It was the same issue last season, and 2008. The main reason is their inconsistency on the field. They made the plays they were told but they need one big push to finished the job and win the game. However if the Hornets don't score in the red early and all game long then DSU might goes winless this season. That's something Hornet fans don't won't to see.