Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hornets Just Couldn't Finished the Job they Started

Back on Sunday I was watching the MEAC/SWAC Challenge between Delaware State University and Southern University on ESPN and I was so excited for the season to start. When the game started, I knew right away that the Hornets were ready for the challenge after having a strong spring practice in April and a hard working training camp back in August.

Even though the Hornets was doing good there were plenty of game changers that lead Southern to a 37-27 victory.

The 1st game changer happened in the 2nd quarter after the hornets scored two touchdowns. After the 1st touchdown Larrone Morre was the holder for kicker Mario Diaz-Aviles to make the extra point. Instead Morre fumbled the snap and tried to run but Southern's defense tackled both of them.

Game changer number two: After the 2nd touchdown the Hornets had a new place holder, Hornets punter Martin Kano. Just like Lerrone Morre's fumbled the result was the same as Kano fumbled the snap and once again Southern's defense held them at bay but this one was different because Southern's returned the blocked extra point and took it downfield to cut the Hornets lead to 19-16.

The third game changer occurred after the Hornets score a touchdown on the 2nd drive of the third quarter, everything went upside down. The Hornets defense were on the field for too long allowing Southern University to drive down the field and scoring points especially the 4th quarter. The Hornets defense were on the field for over 10 minutes in the 3rd quarter and almost six minutes in the 4th quarter. Not only was the defense was on the field too long they were Hornets players (both offense and defense) were getting hurt due to heat cramps because of the new turf that was made in the Florida Citrus Bowl. The temperature on the turf was 95 degrees and rising and I'm not talking about the weather forecast either.

The 4th game changer occurred in the 4th quarter when the Hornets offense running game was out of sync and poor time management because the Hornets would've have time to throw the ball down field and scored a touchdown then get a onside kick to tried to get the ball back. Instead time played against them. Then the Hornets defense didn't get mature in the fourth quarter to allowed Southern to scored 21 points in the final period to win the game.

I knew this is a young team but the Hornets did not need to blow a 11 point lead to lose the game. Al Lavan and the Hornets will use this game as a learning tool and prepared for Joe Taylor and Florida A&M in their home opener this Saturday night in Dover. I checked the weather forecast and the field will not be as hot as Orlando because the game time temperature will be anywhere between the 70s and 60s. This Saturday night will be no excuse for the Hornets. This season the Hornets football season theme will be to start strong and finished the job.