Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Free Falling Hornets

Hornets fans lets face it, this is a young Delaware State team that no matter how many big shots they dropped, how many free throws they made, and trying to show coach Greg Jackson Sr. how to play defense, the Hornets just can't seem to final a way to win ball games.

Ever since the Hornets beat Morgan State back on January 22, the DSU has lost six out of their last seven games.

There are four reasons on why the Hornets are free falling and losing games at the most critical times.

Reason #1 Defense: Coach Jackson said it best that in order to win games you have play better defense because DSU has let their opponents score 71 points a game. In other words the Hornets has got to prevent teams from at least 65 points or less. That includes defending the paint and jump shooters.

Reason #2 Offense: The hornets can not live and die by the three point shots every time. When DSU faced North Carolina A&T back on February 5, DSU shot 40 three pointers and made only 17. The result a lost in over time. Also the hornets are lacking points in the the paint. Sure Marcus Oliver can score in the paint on any given night but the rest of his teammates need to step up and score easy twos in the paint for the rest of the season.

Reason #3 Bench Scoring: All season long the Hornets are lacking in bench dept. The Hornets are being out score 15-11 per game. Can Chad Wilson and terron Stowe step up and help their bench. The Hornets can't win game without bench scoring.

Reason #4: Rebound Rebound Rebound: the Hornets were out rebound 41-23 a game and the reason why is because the Hornets don't have any big men (besides Marcus oliver) that can get up and grab rebounds both offensively and defensively. Since DSU's lineup is small they need to jump very high for the rebounds.

We already know the Hornets chances of winning the MEAC Tournament is very slim but if the Hornets can fix these problems and finish the final five games of the season on a positive note, then the Hornets will be the team to beat in the MEAC Conference next year as serious contenders.