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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Young Hornets Shows Improvement During the Spring Game

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to go to Hornets Spring Game scrimmage. But when I read the article from The News Journal about the spring game, the Hornets were finding signs of good progress.

It all starts with Hornets quarterback Anthony Glaud. Glaud was finding his receivers left, right, and the middle of the field were he went four-for-four on a 80yard scoring drive.

Then, it was on to the defense when last year the Hornets keep giving opponents big plays. during the spring game, the defense made two interceptions. One by Chris Johnson and other by Terell Talbert who return that pick for a touchdown.

A lot of backups and starters are filling the right notes, as they expected from a young team, to bring big accomplishments this season.

I still think the Hornets have a long way to go. Even though spring practice is over there is summer practice to deal with before the regular season begins.

Overall I just hope the Hornets continue to build that momentum come summer camps and September.