Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hornets Defense Exposed

During the Hornets 42-21 lost to University of Delaware back on September 7, the hornets defense gave up some huge gaps on the gridiron that allowed the Blue Hens to piled up over 400 yards of offense.

In the 1st quarter of UD's second drive, Blue Hen quarter back Trent Hurley found wide receiver Michael Johnson for a long 55 yard touchdown pass. Hornets linebacker Devon Morre blew his assignment to cover Johnson not to mention the secondary to help him out. Then in the same quarter,the Hornets defense gave up 72 yards on UD's 12 plays that resulted in a 14-0 lead heading into the 2nd quarter.

During the 2nd quarter the Hornets gave up a 33 yard touchdown pass when Hurley found Rob Jones again in the endzone to make the score more difficult to catch up at 21-7. Right before halftime, the Hornets gave up a 83 yard drive that result in another touchdown to make it 35-7.

In the 2nd half the Hornets defense calm only to give up 7 points for the entire half.

Other stuff I notice from the Hornets defense is their inability to cover receivers that made hug chunk of yards for 1st downs. Also I did not see not one blitzing scheme from their defensive backs all game in order to pressure the quarter. No wonder DSU had no sacks in the game. They have go clean that up quickly. I figured out why because DSU is worried about the running game that UD will produce than the passing game.

Also during the game, UD was playing the hurry up offense. Kind like the Oregon Ducks or the 2 minute drill to throw off the defense.

If the Hornets defense thinks the Blue Hens was tough wait till Saturday night when DSU plays #5 Towson and the two time defending FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) National Champion North Dakota State next Saturday.