Saturday, October 10, 2009

Defense Very Well but Bad Offense Dooms The Hornets

The running game managed just 71 yards on the ground as the Hornets struggling offense continues.

This was a game that Hornets would've won the game. Instead the Hornets let the winless Bethune-Cookman hang around all game long in a disappointed, low scoring 9-7 loss.

This was a game that the Hornets should have no problem against a Wildcat team whose defense was not even impressive. Instead the Hornets shot themselves in the foot and let Bethune Cookman get chances to win the game.

First let's start with the defense. They did a very good job stalling drives, make the Wildcats offense to make terrible penalties, and pressuring Wildcat quarterback Maurice Francois all night long. Once again they give up a chunk of yards with 350yards and a few big plays down the stretch, plus the defense was on the field for over 40 minutes.

The Hornets can't rely their defense all the time to bail them out because the defense needs to rest and recharge for the next series. When you have that stayed in the ball game for 40 minutes something tells me that the defense will get tired if the offense doesn't help the defense out.

Speaking of the offense, the offense put on a terrible performance with only nine first downs the entire game (two in the second half). Also Anthony Glaud was injured late in the first quarter and didn't return. Before the injury, Glaud was overthrowing passes and the wide receivers are not getting their best routes to make catches.

The running game got abandoned most of the game where they only ran for 71 yards plus during the final 2:00 of the fourth quarter freshman quarterback Nick Elko made some great passes but the wide receivers couldn't catch the ball and then he overthrew the ball for a interception.

I don't know who the blame the lost on, the offense, the play calling, the offensive coaches, coach Al Lavan, or Riley Flickinger who miss two field goals.

Now the Hornets will have to face a very tough Michigan team this week on T.V. called The Big Ten Network before going back home against Morgan State for Homecoming. This is not a good October to start for the Hornets.