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Monday, March 5, 2012

DSU's MEAC Tournament Preview

Well, well Hornet fans here we are at the 2012 MEAC Tournament from The Joel in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sadly this will be the final year that Winston-Salem will host the MEAC Tournament because last month the MEAC Conference announced that the tournament will be held in Norfolk, Virginia next year through 2015.

Now, on to this week, starting tonight, the Delaware State Lady Hornets basketball team will play in the 1st round game versus the same team they beat last Thursday in a buzzer-beater wire to wire victory: South Carolina State University. I can tell South Carolina State is still fuming from their lost last week and will do what ever they can get their payback.

As for the lady hornets they are entering the MEAC riding a two game winning streak and looking to go for third straight win. If the lady hornets want to move on to the quarterfinals versus Howard, they will have make very good offensive plays especially when the shot clock is running down. Limit their turnovers because they make double-digit turnovers in almost every game win or lose, bring their defensive pressure to another level without fouling, and of course rebound, rebound rebound.

On to the Hornets men's basketball team, their quarterfinal game will not be until Thursday night. The #3 seed Hornets is probability still stinging from last Monday's bizarre controversial lost at the hands of Morgan State. They wish they were they were either the #2 seed or #1 seed if it wasn't for a technical foul that was called against the fans, the Hornets would stay in the race with one game left.

However, after last Thursday's win versus South Carolina State, coach Greg Jackson Sr. notices something was wrong with this picture, the Hornets were playing lazy on defense and not rebounding the ball because the Bulldogs made offensive rebounds and scoring second chance points. That is something that coach Jackson does not want to see happen in the MEAC Tournament. DSU will play their quarerfinal versus either Coppin State or Florida A&M Thursday night. I will like to see the Hornets play Florida A&M, because Coppin State is very good this season at three point shooting. Also remember back on February 11, the Hornets were down by double digits before Marques Oliver's game winning three point play help the Hornets win at the buzzer in Baltimore.

The key plays for DSU is similar to the lady hornets, limit their turnovers, make very good offensive plays with the shot clock running down, score points in the paint, cut down on the three point shots, plays very good defense without fouling, make your free throws, and rebound, rebound rebound. I don't know why I kept saying rebound like I'm a cheerleader but its the truth.

Also one more key play for both the DSU men's and women's basketball teams: will their bench production be enough to win the tournament? There's only way to find out and it begins tonight. Good luck to the Delaware State men's and women's basketball team in the MEAC Tournament. Let the madness begin. HORNETS!!!