Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Nightmarish Road Trip

This is one nightmare that the Delaware State Hornets football team would like to forget. They went from 2-0 to losing three straight games to fall to 2-3 and it could get a whole lot worse if the Hornets don't find the answers and produce a decent season.

Lets face it, the Hornets were playing against three very tough schools, two MEAC Champions (South Carolina State and Florida A&M) and a NCAA National Champion runner up (University of Delaware). I was hoping DSU will give these schools a fight, instead these three school treated DSU like pushovers and made their victories into blow out laughers.

These stats made my eyes hurt so bad, that I had to drink some Vitamin A carrot juice just to realize what just happened. The Hornets were getting outscored by their opponents 148-7 and offense were just making too many mistakes making over 10 turnovers during that grueling road trip. Also injuries to the offensive line played a key part in a Hornets offensive woes including Jasshawn Jones not rushing for 100 yards yet this season, and without Justin Wilson, the rest of the wide receivers are forced to step and make plays but short passes and slants will not help the Hornets make scoring drives.

The defense once again were on the field for a long time, not to mention leaving huge gaps for their opponents to make 1st downs, gained a chunk of yards leading them to scoring points left and right. Also there was lack of communication in the secondary that needs to be fixed and now there is a huge gap in the linebacker position as Matt Spicer is out for the season due to a knee injury.

Head Coach Kermitt Blount knows that the Hornets are battered and bruise but they have to correct the mistakes quickly because they will take on 1st place Norfolk State later today at home. I will say this, if the Hornets don't find a way to get out of a funk, score touchdowns, make the right plays, and win games then they will be in for a long season. Also the nightmare of misery and another losing season will be lurking around the corner, but for this Hornets team, its a learning tool to live on.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lady Hornets Can't Seem To Catch A Break

Two months has come and gone and so far the Delaware State Lady Hornets soccer team continued to find ways to lose games this season just like last season. No matter how hard they tried, how hard they play, the lady hornets soccer team can't seem to get that losing monkey off their backs.

For DSU head coach Nitan Soni, he is doing all he can to get the lady hornets to stay positive because they improve well on defense unlike last season, however on offense its a different story. The Hornets offense are getting outplayed by not putting enough shots on goal. In fact opponents have out shot DSU by a average of 17-8 per game, shutout five times, and has good chances to scored but couldn't. No wonder DSU has one win, 11 losses, and two ties this season.

There were some bright spots for DSU: The lady hornets scored 12 goals during their 12-0 victory over Lincoln University on back on September 10th. The most goals scored since September 16, 2007 versus Concordia University when the lady hornets scored eight. Also, goalkeeper Katelyn Koslosky is fifth in the nation in the saves category with a score of 78.0.

With four games left, I'm afraid that the coach Soni era may soon come to an end if the lady hornets don't find a way to win these final four games on offense including the Great West tournament.

One thing I will say is this, the lady hornets are improving on defense but if you don't win games on offense then you will have consecutive losing seasons since 2007 and that's something any hornet fan and Athletic Director Derek Carter don't want to see.