Monday, August 26, 2013

Hornets Football Camp Wrap-Up

Ever since football camp started back on August 7th, the Delaware State Hornets football team was gearing up for the upcoming 2013 season. There were some ups and downs during the three week training camp.

First, the Hornets were picked to finished 8th in MEAC Conference while other sports magazines picked DSU to finished 6th in conference. Coach Kermit Blount wasn't surprised about it due to the fact that Delaware State had a very tough schedule coming in front of them with four straight road games to start the season (Delaware, Towson, North Dakota State, and Savannah State). Trust me that is no easy task because after those road games in September, they will played their home opener vs defending MEAC Champion Bethune-Cookman on October 5th. Yikes!!! Talk about a barn burner.

During the two full contact scrimmages, the Hornets defense were tougher, stronger, and probality faster than last year. They were forcing turnovers left and right and halting almost everydrive the offense can mustard at them. Think about it almost most of the starters returned last year with one goal in mind for the upcoming season: to become the best defensive team in the MEAC Conference. Only time will tell on that predicament.

The biggest problem of all of training camp during those three weeks is the offense. So far through August 26, coach Blount has still not named a starting quarterback. All throughout camp, four quarterbacks have combined for only one touchdown. The bright lone spot was Milton Williams who is  working hard to become the Hornets number one wide receiver. The question is who is Hornets number two wide reciever? That answer is up for grabs and so is quarterback position. This will be coach Blount toughest decision he will ever make and this is only his third year Delaware State.

Also the Hornets offensive line is very thin with only one starter and the rest of the offensive line who only played reserved last season, will get more time at starting line. How are they going to protect their quarter from getting pressured and not to mention create a gap for the running backs to run routes? So far they kept getting run down from left to right in almost every aspect.

Speaking of running backs, Malcolm Williams, Dae Hon Chueng, and Najee Jackson have been quiet during this summer's camp but those three should be top shape form come September 7.

Now that summer training camp has come to a close, are the Hornets football ready for the real deal and win football games. To me I doubt because they still some issues to addressed and fixed between now and before September 7th or DSU will be in for very very long season.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Home Football Times Changed Again

If you did or didn't see the 2013 Delaware State Hornets football schedule several weeks ago on, then look very closely.

We all know that the Hornets first home game of the season is not until October 5th vs Bethune-Cookman but I noticed the times of the football home games have changed.

From 2008-2012 DSU home football games were changed from 12pm to 1pm. Back then during the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s Hornet home football games usually kicked off at 12pm. I wonder why the sudden changes?

Maybe because of time conflicts, or something else I don't know. One thing I do know is that its all about time management and balance.

Will these times stay the way it is for next year and for the foreseeable future is yet to be seen but I hope Hornet fans will get to the game early and get their seats. That way we will not have low attendance numbers like we had the last several years.