Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Free Fall Continues for the Lady Hornets

From 2003-2009 the Delaware State Lady Hornets basketball team were the team to watch in the MEAC Conference. Their defense made their MEAC opponents look silly on offense by forcing a lot a turnovers, missing shots left and right, and even made some of the players and coaches lose focus on the task at hand. Plus they finds ways to win games on offense almost every season including winning the 2007 MEAC Tournament Championship.

That was then, ever since 2009-2010 basketball season, the lady hornets team are trying to find an identity of who they are. Injuries, lack of offense, bad defense, losing good players, and trying to function at the wrong time  have lead to some very bad losses. Everytime the lady hornets dig a big hole, they can't seem to get out of no matter how hard they try.

Make no mistake Ed Davis and his coaching staff have good players but they don't a winning attitude about how chemistry works. If a team can't step up you will end up losing games in the worst way. Speaking of the worst way the lady hornets are almost dead last in the MEAC Conference standing through February 12. The lady hornets was not won a home game since December 11th when they rallied to beat St. Francis. Even though the lady Hornets won a road game vs. North Carolina Central back on January 28th, the lady hornets has lost 12 of their 13 games. They have made bad records this season on their shooting, turnovers, allowing more opponents points.

As the free fall continues, the frustrations just keeps on growing on the entire team. Makes me wonder, have they giving up on themselves? I don't think but they need to learn the Ed Davis system because trust me if they keep playing with no energy for the rest of this year and next season, then I don't know what the lady hornets will become five to 10 years from now if they don't know how to wake up.