Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hornets Offense Captures Moments At Homecoming as Morgan State Continues to have Nightmares about DSU's Homecoming

As Hornets broadcaster Scott Klatzkin would asked during the Hornets 35-22 victory, "Where have the Hornets offense been at all season?" I was wondering the same question because for the last month and a half, the Hornets offense hasn't show up scoring only 12 points a game. To add insult to injury the Hornets hasn't scored a touchdown in the last eight quarters entering the game. Yesterday at homecoming it was a whole different ball game when the Hornets scored 35 points against the #1 ranked defense in the MEAC conference Morgan State.

When the the first quarter ended and the Hornets were down 5-0, I was going to say myself, "Oh no, here we go again." In the second quarter, the Hornets offense explode with 21 points with Anthony Glaud's two touchdown passes and Jaashawn Jones running game that kept the hornet drive to resulted in touchdowns including one for himself.

Speaking of Anthony Glaud, i was glad to see him back in uniform after suffering a concussion injury two weeks ago at the hands of Bethune-Cookman. However Glaud did went rusty in the first half throwing two interceptions, getting knockdown, sacked, and throwing passes that went a little out of sync. At the end of the day he kept his poise and completed 16 passes to seven different receivers.

Also the running game has wakened up from it's slumber when the Hornets ran the ball 37 times for 160 yards. Jaashawn Jones had 17 carries for 107 yards and a four yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

My best capturing moment is when Anthony Glaud threw a 30 yard pass to Donnell Dixon where Dixon had all day to get free see the ball and catch it for six points. Plus the offense kept marching down the field and into the red zone to score touchdowns.

Also I can't forgot the Hornets defense that helped out the offense and they deserved a much needed rest after turning defense into offense including scoring a interception for a touchdown thanks to Avery Grant.

Morgan State continues to struggle against DSU at Homecoming Games and the nightmares will continue for years to come.