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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Look Back at the 2K10 Hornet Seniors

March 4 was Senior Night in the Hornets Nest and the Hornet men were being honored as the four seniors were playing their last home game of the season vs the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

These four Hornet seniors played with great expectations no matter what the stats says or the record states.

So without further or do here are the Four Hornet Seniors:

Kris Douse:
During the first two seasons, I haven't seen Douse played as much basketball due to injury but from 2008-2010, his game improve to a whole new level doing the little things rebounds, jumps shots, and playing defense. Even though Douse didn't play enough minutes he has a bright future ahead and with the help of his family and friends, Kris will tell walk into a great career and telling doubters that "Douse is in the House."

Greg Smith:
Here is a another forward that also does the little things rebounds, making shots, hustle skills and many other things that help the Hornets win games and produce his presence on and off the court.

Now its time for the veterans:

Frisco Sandidge:
During the first two years of the season I didn't know much about Frisco at all. It was about Jasha Bluntt, Darrin Shine and others that won the MEAC regular season championship. Now Frisco got a taste of regular season championship experience and became the main man on the Hornets roster by making baskets in the paint and using the famous duck & spin move to put score points in the paint without even traveling. Plus he is a good mid-range jumper.

On defense he was a monster block shots, creating turnover, and his speciality drawing charges, and reaching out for the ball to knock away from opponents. This season he put his game to another level by racking up some double-doubles this season.

Marcus Neal:
Here is one of the best shooting guard on the Hornets squad and he's only 6' 5." Neal is one of the best three-point shooters behind Jasha Bluntt and Roy Bright and is a great co-captain on his team this year along with Frisco Sandidge. Marcus can also drive to the hoop and make some smooth lay ups. Sure as of late he was in a shooting slump but I will tell you this Neal is a skill shooter and his defense help the Hornets keep their opponents at bay. Rest assure Neal has a bright future and who knows Marcus might teach other future Hornet basketball players to fundamentals of the game.

So there you have it the 2K10 Hornet Seniors for men's basketball. Congratulations and good luck on your road to the future. HORNETS!!!