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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady Hornets Equestrian Season Wrap-Up

Its been a up and down season for the Delaware State Lady Hornets equestrian team. At the beginning of season, the lady hornets were ready for another great season of competition plus they signing their best recruit.

During the first three months of the season the Lady Hornets fought hard against great equestrian teams like South Dakota State, Texas Christian, Delaware, Auburn, Tennessee-Martin, Kansas State, and Baylor.

When January came, everything changed from good to bad to worst. Athletic Director Derek Bell and the university announced to drop men's tennis and equestrian due to budget problems.

That announcement didn't sit well with entire lady hornets equestrian team so they took immediate action by staging a protest that in from of the administrative building. Also the equestrian team was also taking DSU to court for violation Title IX.

Even though the lady hornets fought hard to keep the sport they love, they also had other competition to deal like Texas A&M, Georgia, South Carolina, New Mexico State, and Scared Heart.

After all the court room drama and the previous news stories from Delaware news medias were taking place, Lady hornets equestrian will stay for one more year.

Since next year will be their last year of equestrian, the lady hornets will show the Delaware State Athletic department that equestrian will be a competitive team no matter budget crisis they are in.