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Monday, October 7, 2013

Hornets Offense Unbalanced

During the Hornets 21-7 lost at the hands of defending MEAC Champion Bethune-Cookman in their home opener, the Hornets offense rely on the air once again and just like Delaware, Towson, and North Dakota State, DSU couldn't get the running game going.

Hornets finished the game with only 10 yards rushing, yes I said it 10 yards rushing. To me it's very disappointing the way the Hornets coaching staff have three very good running backs of Nagee Jackson, Dae-Hon Chenug, and Malcolm Williams and either of them can't help take the pressure off of quarterback Cory Murphy.

Speaking of Murphy, he threw an interception for the fifth straight game. He finished with two picks for the game including a turning point late in the 3rd quarter when the Hornets were driving in Bethune-Cookman territory. I don't remember a Hornet quarterback who can throw one or more interception in  five consecutive games. Wait, I know who threw one or more interceptions in five straight games: Anthony Glaud back in 2009, Vashon Winton in 2008, and Bryan Botts in 2004.  

I understand Murphy is learning the system but Coach Bluntt and his coaching staff need to realized in order to have a great offense you have to run the football in until the defense gets tired. I know the offensive line is thin with one experience lineman and four inexperience lineman but at least tried running the football when its 1st down or 2nd/3rd down and short.

If this method continues throughout the rest of the season, rest assured the Hornets will managed only three or four wins this season. To me and every other Hornet fan its not a good thing, its a bad thing.

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